[lang_es]Frédéric Lebain es un fotógrafo francés de 34 años que vive y trabaja en Anieres. Ha expuesto en París, Tokio, Taipei y Hong Kong. Esta vez nos introduce en su nuevo trabajo que no intenta producir una serie de postales, sino jugar a un juego específico con nuestros nervios ópticos.
[lang_en]Frédéric Lebain is a 34year old photographer from France who lives and works in Asnieres, but doesn’t really need any special introduction at all -not after a dozen exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo, Taipei and Hong Kong. Yet this time, the Frenchman decided not to produce any large-scale postcard images, but to introduce us to his newest work that seems –although very similar to the logic of a postcard- to play that specific game with our optic nerves.[/lang_en]
Via yatzer.com
photo © Frédéric Lebain

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