[lang_es]”Las esculpturas del artista Mark Jenkins son parte de una instalación llamada “incustrado”. Jenkis que ha instalado estos incustrados por todo el mundo, intenta despertarnos de nuestra rutina diaria, a mirar dos veces. Aunque a veces su trabajo parece parte de un programa de de TV de cámara oculta, la experiencia es muy diferente.”[/lang_es]
[lang_en]”The sculptures by the artists Mark Jenkins, part of a series of street installations, titled “embed”.  Jenkins, who has installed these ’embeds” all over the world, doesn’t merely seek to shock for shock’s sake, but rather, to shake us out of our daily routine – to look twice.  And that is exactly the function of all good art – to make us stop and look.  And look again.  Though at times his work feels a bit like an episode of a hidden camera TV show, the experience is very different.  Mark doesn’t jump out to yell ‘gotcha’.  Instead he leaves the scene of the ‘crime’ and let’s the individual who stumbles upon his work take their time to investigate what he’s left behind.”   [/lang_en]
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