[lang_es]Recientemente la artista Ran Hwang, ha desarrollado dos lineas de trabajo, una compuesta por collages 3d y otra de grandes instalaciones murales, utilizando botones o pins. En ambas, trata desde temas sociales hasta conceptos espirituales.[/lang_es]
[lang_en]In recent years, the Korean-born artist Ran Hwang, resident in the U.S. since 1997, has developed two related bodies of work: one composed of moderately scaled 3D collages, the other comprising large wall installations that utilize buttons, pins and thread to evoke a hovering figure of the Buddha. In both modes, between which she alternates freely, Hwang addresses current social issues—particularly “menial” labor and its relation to the glamour trade—as well as timeless spiritual concerns. The overall effect of her work is to ennoble commonplace materials, processes and persons, while simultaneously grounding and authenticating two very different types of grandeur-one pop-cultural, the other divine.[/lang_en]
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